building healthy, educated dancers

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We continue our long tradition of offering dance instruction to children and young people. Featuring a broad cross-section of dance instruction for the community, our instructors are all certified.

We offer:

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How to Register

By phone: Call 204-239-6029 and pay with VISA or Mastercard.

In person: Come to the Prairie Fusion Gift Shop at 11-2nd Street NE, Portage la Prairie.

Payment is due at time of registration. No refunds or exchanges one week prior to class or workshop. If the program does not receive sufficient registrations, the program will be cancelled one week before the start date and refunds will be issued by cheque.


For more information about our dance classes, please contact us at 204-239-6029.

Core Dance Program

Combo Ballet & Tap

ages 3 to 6 • 1-hour class

This class will provide young dancers with the strong dance foundation they need to move forward with confidence. In the ballet portion of each class, they will begin to develop a sense of alignment and position of the body, as well as expressiveness and gracefulness of movement. In the tap section, they will get to make music with their feet — all in a super fun and supportive environment!

Combo Jazz & Tap

ages 6 to 7 • 1.5-hour class

This class is great for dancers continuing from our Ballet and Tap class, or those just starting out. During the first half of the class, dancers will move along the playful, musical, and rhythmic path of tap. During the second half of the class, dancers will be introduced to the dynamic form of jazz dancing. They will begin to learn the vocabularies of both forms and learn energetic dance combinations.


ages 7+ • 1-hour class

In our Ballet classes, dancers will focus on the foundations of this form, which is the basis for all dance disciplines! This class is both technical and creative, and dancers will develop their sense of alignment and body positioning, as well as their eloquence of movement. This class encourages strength and body awareness, as well as grace, agility, and posture.


ages 7+ • 1-hour class

In our tap classes, dancers learn to make music with their feet! Dancers will learn to work with the music and rhythm of this form by learning the basic elements of tap from which to grow. Classes include an education in the language of tap elements and steps, technical and strength exercises, and dance choreography.


ages 7+ • 1-hour class

Jazz dance is a dynamic style, usually choreographed to the upbeat energy of pop music. It incorporates technical movements and footwork, with jumping, spinning, and dexterity. Our classes include stretching and strengthening, along with technical skills and choreography. You can see in our dancers’ faces just how much fun they are having!


ages 12+ • 1-hour class

Lyrical is a very graceful dance form, which incorporates elements of ballet, jazz, and modern dance. It is performed to contemporary songs and allows the dancer the opportunity to use their skills to communicate the underlying emotions held within the music. Our teachers choreograph dances, which tell meaningful stories and allow the dancers to truly stretch themselves creatively.

Hip Hop

ages 6+ • 1-hour class

Hip hop dance is a style of dance that has evolved from hip hop street culture. It is usually performed to hip hop music. Our classes are fun, engaging, and always keeping up with the current trends. The dances will be bold and playful — but completely kid appropriate!

Cultural Dance Program


ages 5+ • 1-hour class

Ukrainian dance is a fun-filled and energetic passtime for all youth. It builds rhythm, confidence and teamwork, and showcases a beautiful art form. This vibrant dance shares elements of ballet with folk dance, and can be both lyrical and energetic! Steps are precise yet athletic, and the art form teaches control and endurance.

Adult Dance Program

Street Jazz (Hip Hop and Jazz Fusion)

ages 18+ • 1-hour class

Street Jazz is a fun and lively combination of hip-hop and jazz. In this class, you will be encouraged to enjoy yourself and learn new skills. Beginners welcome! Classes will include a warm-up stretch, an education in the language of hip-hop and jazz elements and steps, technical and strength exercises, and the learning of the choreography of a dance. Beginners welcome