Exhibit Your Artwork

Installation Requirements

Prairie Fusion uses a standard hanging-chain system for most two-dimensional artworks. A minimum of two (2) gallery chains will be used for each work of art. Three-dimensional and/or sculptural works will be secured in exhibit cases or displayed on the gallery floor with stanchions.

Wooden Frames

Two (2) eyelet screws, straphangers or D-rings must be installed on the back of the frame (left and right), 2 inches from the top corners. We use S-hooks to fasten pictures to the chains.

Metal Frames

Please adjust wire mounts to the highest position on the back of the frame. Please have work prepared and ready to install prior to its arrival. Artwork that is not ready for installation may not be included in the exhibition.

Note: If awarded an exhibition, all artwork must be ready to install according to Prairie Fusion’s Installation Requirements.